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Interim Cover of
I  have a new novel underway called LYING EYES and is a tale of a serial killer like you’ve never read before.  There are some great new characters too.  Devin Kerrick is an FBI agent whose come home to Monroe Valley, where he grew up. Nearly burned-out from chasing serial killers he has come home for a rest. But Tom Walden, the local police chief and his brother Jonas Walden, a physician and President of the City Council,  confront Kerrick with a series of unsolved murders.
Kaci Arden Callahan, Devin’s first love, still lives in Monroe Valley but is married to Harley Callahan. Devin learns that it is an abusive marriage.
Can Devin save Kaci and solve the brutal murders without losing his sanity?
The first draft is about was over 50% complete, but the characters hijacked the story and have forced a change in direction. So as of October 2018, we are only  about 45% complete. Hard to tell.  The intended cover is shown on the left.
I am excited about this story, and it is fun to write. At this point, I still couldn’t tell you the killer will turn out to be if I wanted to, and I don’t. 


A new book series entitled Seminars in Print®  is in the planning stage and will include books on Leadership, New Product Development, Quality, Team Building, Strategic and Tactical Planning and other topics. These are all based on my successful business and R&D experience and my consulting business. It looks like the first book in the series will be about New Product Development from about 30,000 feet. The overview  will cover many of the topics which will each have its own book in the series. Also planned are technology books on Design Controls, Failure Analysis and a number of other topics important in the development of medical devices and other products.  If you have anything that you think would make a good topic please let me know by email. You can reach me by clicking here.