Non Fiction Titles

A new non-fiction series by Richard Bradley is underway.  The series will be called SEMINARS IN PRINT.  Visit here often for updates when the first title will be released.

The Radiation Technology Handbook, was published by Marcel Dekker (now CRC Publishing) in New York in 1984, and is available through CRC Publishing.

“Ramesh” on  A handy reference book for engineers in this industry, September 19, 2005
“Considering that Radiation Technology has extensive scope for commercial application, it is surprising that very few books are actually available on this subject. This book is a handy reference tool for practicing engineers in this field. Instead of weighing you down with too much theory, the author has taken a practical approach and gives you many suggestions which are useful.” 

Original Edition

In 2003 Dekker also published Design Controls for the Medical Device Industry (First Edition) written by Richard Bradley and Marie B. Teixeira. This is also available through CRC.