The White Rabbit Conspiracy

The White Rabbit Conspiracy is a story of spies, drug dealers, killers, and assassins. Set on Florida’s west coast, the Caribbean, it is the story of Reid Thompson, America’s last low-tech spy. He is the consummate intelligence agent; arrogant, cynical and dead sure of his craft and everything else. Yet, he could be the poster child for bipolar disorder.
He accidentally uncovers an international plot to control the economy of the United States that may lead all the way to the White House. The plot is led by a Vietnamese refugee who has become a successful Midwestern businessman. Code named, “White Rabbit”, he controls a network of power that reaches from the plains all the way to Washington, DC. Can Reid bring down the White rabbit and save the US economy?
The White Rabbit Conspiracy is also a love story. One attractive young lady, who is sometimes manipulative, and most times damned smart, did what dozens of foreign agents couldn’t do for decades. She destroyed Reid Thompson’s will to live.


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Original Trade Paperback now “out of print”.


The White Rabbit Conspiracy (ISBN 1-60813-954-9 Copyright 2009 Richard Bradley) was initially published by a company in Baltimore MD (that publishing company has now reorganized under a different name)  and the trade paper back edition is currently out of print. The original publishers spent more time trying to sell the book to the author than to others,  The publisher also did not provide editing or even proof reading in order “to produce the book as the author intended” a nice way to say they did nothing.  In addition this trade paperback edition was priced as high enough to have been  a limited edition hard cover, that price was the policy and decision of the publisher!
So, the author bought back the marketing rights and prepared an EBook version that is now available worldwide on Amazon’s Kindle.